Slim face Dysport is a treatment that helps to relax the facial muscles to get a younger look and slender face. This treatment is the same as the Botox treatment. Dysport slims the face by relaxing facial muscles when injected into facial muscles. 

The Dysport treatment also resolves the problem of wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes. So, this treatment improves the overall facial structure, giving you a more beautiful and sharp facial appearance. 

This article will guide you about the benefits of Dysport, how it works, and who can get this treatment. Reviva Medical Aesthetics, the best skin care in Knightdale, NC, offers Dysport treatments that can enhance your look and overall facial glow.

What Is Face Slim Dysport?

What Is Face Slim Dysport?

Dysport is a medication used to relax. Another company makes Dysportominent and slim faces after this treatment. This slim face treatment is similar to Botox, a muscle relaxer, but another company makes Dysport. 

The Dysport, when injected into the facial muscles, helps to slim the overall facial structure. After this treatment, you will get a slimmer jawline and a v-shaped facial structure. This treatment can also remove forehead wrinkles and the area around the eye lines.

Benefits of Using Dysport to Get a Slim Face

Benefits of Using Dysport to Get a Slim Face

The treatment of a slim face using Dysport is for people looking for a slender face with a prominent jawline.

  • To get a slim face using Dysport has the major benefit of treating the facial muscles and improving the jawline’s shape.
  • It enhances the jawline’s visibility, giving you a younger and beautiful look.
  • This treatment is also helpful for people who have square or round shape facial structures.
  • The Dysport treatment also helps to change facial symmetry.

Who Is the Best Candidate for Dysport?

Who Is the Best Candidate for Dysport?

Healthy adults are the ideal candidates for this face-slim treatment. It is also important to have healthy facial muscles, which Dysport can target for the best possible results.

While the pregnant or breastfeeding candidates are not suitable for this face-slimming treatment.

How Does Dysport Work for Face Slimming?

How Does Dysport Work for Face Slimming?

Getting a Dysport injection is a simple and easy process with quick recovery. Dysport generally works by stopping the signals from nerve cells to muscles to prevent contraction. 

These non-contraction muscles have a smooth and relaxing effect on the facial muscles. The first step for this treatment is to meet with a skilled aesthetician who will guide you about the Dysport dose according to your skin condition. 

The Injection Process and Recovery Time

The esthetician first cleans the injection sites and may apply numbing cream to minimize the irritation and discomfort. They put Dysport into your targeted muscles; you feel a needle during this. 

After this, you may feel a little swelling, but it is normal and can be reduced in a day or two. After this treatment, you can go back to your daily activities immediately. After the treatment, you must wait a few days or weeks to see the full results of the Dysport injection. Once the results come out, you will have a natural and naturally beautiful face.

Achieve a Natural and Beautiful Face with Reviva

Achieve a Natural and Beautiful Face with Reviva

If you notice fat around your face that is not in prominent shape, you can get back your beauty with the Dysport treatment. Reviva Medical Aesthetics, the best spa in Knightdale, NC, provides the best Dysport treatments that can transform your facial look. 

Our aesthetician team is dedicated to giving you a comfortable treatment process with the best possible results you want. At Reviva Medical Aesthetics, we use the latest technology to get the more beneficial results that people love. Our priority is our client satisfaction.


Slim face Dysport is a simple and quick treatment for getting a slim and v-shaped jawline. This beauty treatment also treats wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Dysport can create a more prominent look for people with square or round facial characters. 

The Dysport treatment is safe, has long-lasting results, and has no recovery time. Reviva Medical Aesthetics offers the Dysport skin treatment in Knightdale, NC, which balances your facial features, improves symmetry, and gives you the confidence to look younger.


How long does it take to see results from Face Slim Dysport?

It typically takes a few days to a week to see the full effects of Face Slim Dysport.

Can Face Slim Dysport be used to treat teeth grinding?

Yes, Face Slim Dysport can help relax the muscles for teeth grinding, providing relief.

Is Face Slim Dysport safe?

Face Slim Dysport is safe when administered by a qualified aesthetician.

How can I schedule an appointment for Dysport at Reviva?

Call (919)-373-0088 for an appointment or mail us at

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