There are a variety of simple and effective ways to achieve healthy, glowing skin with these 5 easy-to-follow skin care tips. 

Increase your natural beauty and also pamper your skin with practical advice that fits into your daily routine. 

Caring for your skin is like making a good investment in your health. So, make sure to spend time practicing these good habits for your skin.

Sun Safety Essentials For Skin Health 


One of the most important and famous methods of skin care is protection from the sun. 

Use Sunscreen to Protect the Skin

Sunscreen is essential for skin tan prevention. Apply it to your skin 15 minutes before you go outside, as it will take time to take action. A self-tanner can give you the healthy skin you want.

Seek Shade When Going Outside

Mostly in summer, when you go outside, take an umbrella with you, or you have to find shady areas to stand in to decrease the harm of the sun. 

Wear Protective Clothing

Wearing protective clothes will help block ultraviolet radiation from the sun from reaching your skin. Always wear long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and wide hats. 

Gentle Skin Care Habits

Gentle skin care habits

Don’t smoke: It is compulsory to quit the habit of smoking if you want to see your skin glow. Some research shows that smoking can cause serious skin infections and diseases. 

Avoid harsh scrubbing: whenever you clean and wash your skin, be gentle. Use a soft towel or white paper to dry your skin. 

 Skin Treatment for glowing skin: Do not use strong soaps, as they can remove oil from your skin. Instead, use good, light skin cleaners.

Targeted Skin Care Tips According to Skin Types 


You may think that you have dry, oily, or maybe normal skin, but do you know what your actual skin type is? You can test your skin by following these simple steps. 

1: wash your face and now leave it for 20 minutes. 

2: Take tissue paper or oil blotting paper and gently press your skin with tissue on different areas like cheeks, forehead, nose, etc. 

When looking at the paper under light.

  • If the paper is not see-through, it means your skin is dry. 
  • If the paper is wet, it shows your skin is oily. 
  • If the paper absorbs the light differently in different areas, it means you have a combination of skin

For Your Oily Skin: 

You can exfoliate your skin in a week, just one or two times. Avoid cream moisturizer; instead, use a primer or foundation that has mattifying properties. 

For Your Dry Skin: 

If you have dry skin, you have to use a damp skin moisturizer and also avoid using hot water for washing or cleaning your skin. 

For Your Normal Skin: 

Normal skin requires less maintenance, so do not try to use new skin type products; instead, you can use a normal cream or lotion at night to maintain your skin’s health. 

Keep Your Hands Off Your Face 

keep your hand off your face

While working, if you sweat and get acne, it is natural to not just scratch or scrub your skin blindly. This act will damage your skin badly. Most of the time, avoid touching your skin without washing and cleaning your hands.

Avoid Touching Your Face Unnecessarily 

Whenever you touch your face with your hands, you just transfer dust, germs, and bad oils to your skin. Do not make it a habit to touch your face regularly.

Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables to Make Your Skin Glow. 

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables to make your skin glow

Prevention from dehydration is a great way to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. These fruits contain a lot of water and also essential vitamins that are beneficial for skin health. 

They maintain the natural glow and health of your skin. A healthy diet may increase your overall skin look and health.

Reviva The Best Choice to Unlock the Path to Radiant Skin

Radiant Skin

Experience the benefits of healthy, glowing skin with Reviva’s aesthetic skincare services. 

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing personalized skin care solutions that cater to your skin concerns. 

From essential sun protection measures to gentle skin care practices and targeted advice for various skin types. Reviva supports you every step of your skincare journey.


These skincare and beauty tips will help you achieve healthy, radiant skin. From sun protection and gentle cleansing to identifying your skin type.

These practical skin care tips and steps can easily be incorporated into your daily routine. 

By following these tips, you can get your natural glow and feel confident in the health of your skin.


Q: What should I do if I have dry skin?

If you have dry skin, you should use a damp skin moisturizer and avoid using hot water for washing or cleaning your skin.

How can you achieve a natural glow?

You can achieve a natural glow by following a healthy skincare routine and incorporating these tips into your daily life.

How can I get in touch with Reviva?

You can reach Reviva at 502 McKnight Dr., Suite 100B, Knightdale, NC 27545 location by calling (919)-373-0088 or contacting our team at for more information on our services.

How often should you exfoliate your skin?

If you have oily skin, you should exfoliate once or twice a week.

Why is it important to use sunscreen?

Sunscreen protects your skin from sun damage and prevents skin tans.

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