If you are facing acne scars, dark spots, or wrinkle lines on your skin and want to remove them, different types of treatments are available, but one of the best treatments is chemical peeling. 

It’s a cosmetic procedure that fills the damaged skin cells and makes them bright, healthy, and glowing. 

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What is a chemical peel?

what is chemical peel

We can also call it chemexfoliation. In this treatment, different chemical solutions are applied to your skin, to remove the affected skin layer. It can treat the wrinkles caused by sun damage, dark spots, and acne scars.

This peel is applied to the face, hand, or neck. It removes age spots, freckles, and melasma and improves the appearance of the skin. Chemical peels are also used to enhance and maintain natural beauty. 

Types of Chemical Peel:

Several kinds of chemical peels offer different results. Peel exists in the following types:

Light Peel:

A light peel is also called a superficial peel or lunchtime peel. Alpha hydroxy acid is applied to remove the top layer of the skin. This treatment removes the rough skin layer and makes your skin fresh and glowing.

Medium-depth Peels: 

In this peel, a higher concentration of acid is applied to the skin, which will help to remove the middle layer or damage skin cells. Trichloroacetic acid is used in this peel, which will help to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Deep Peel:

In this peel, carbolic acid is applied to your skin to remove deep skin cells. This peel makes your skin bright and provides the best result as compared to other peels, but it takes a long time for recovery.

Working of Chemical Peel:

working of chemical peel

The working of a chemical peel consists of simple steps, in this treatment, only chemicals are applied on the skin by using a brush or sponge. But, before applying a peel, your skin is cleared of any type of oil, dirt, or makeup. 

This peel started working immediately and started working on dead skin cells. After this peel, new skin is usually red, sensitive, or flaky temporarily, but after a few days, it makes your skin fresh and removes acne scars or any type of healing. 

Recovery Process:

The results of the chemical peel will be shown after 1-3 days of treatment. But it depends on the redness and sensitivity of the skin, which can take a few hours or some days to show results.

This peel is best for facial beauty care. Because it also removes wrinkles, fine lines, and forehead lines from the face and provides long-lasting results.

Benefits of Chemical Peel

Benefits of chemical peel

Chemical peels improve many skin issues and are applied to the skin to remove dead cells and stimulate the growth of new cells. Some significant benefits include the following:

Sun Damage Repair:

Chemical peels are one way to treat sun-damaged skin. It improves the skin’s health and minimizes the risk of skin cancer. 

Acne Treatment:

Chemical peeling is the best treatment for acne on the skin because it can remove the top layer of skin and reduce the number of dead skin cells.


Chemical peels are the best solution for hyperpigmentation and improve the appearance of dead skin cells. Your skin will feel radiant and new after the outermost layer has been removed.

Fine lines and wrinkles:

Medium and deep peels are the best solutions for wrinkles and fine forehead lines on the skin. It reduces these lines and makes your skin bright.

Boosted Confidence: 

When your skin appearance is perfect and beautiful, positive self-confidence will automatically arise, and you will feel confident.


Is chemical peeling safe?

Yes. It’s usually a safe procedure when carried out by qualified specialists. Chemical peels are a safe and effective way to improve the brightness of your skin. For the best results, use a strong, deep peel to transform your skin. At Reviva, we use the latest products for this treatment.¬†

What happened after one chemical peel?

After one peel, you feel a little warm, dry, and red. However, it is less noticeable after repeated treatments. You can use makeup the next day after treatment

Is a chemical peel a painful treatment?

This peel is not considered painful. After this treatment, you feel a little warmth and a little redness on your skin, but it’s not painful for you.


In conclusion, a chemical peel is the most effective cosmetic treatment for brightening the skin. This peel reduces skin damage and acne scars and provides more youthful-looking and bright skin. 

Chemical peels are better than other facials. It’s a nonsurgical process that helps reduce injury and damage skin layer.  At Reviva, our specialists will guide you and inform you about which peel is beneficial for your skin condition.

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