A chemical peel near me is a great option if you are looking to increase your skin glow. This treatment helps you reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone without harm. 

You can get a younger and brighter look with the proper instructions and tips. This guide will help you understand the types of chemical peels, their effects, and their benefits. 

At Reviva Medical Aesthetics in Knightdale, NC, you can improve your glow with chemical peels and other skin solutions.

What Is a Chemical Peel?

What Is a Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel removes the uppermost layer of the skin to get the skin glow. A chemical solution peels off your skin, which is why this type of peel is known as a chemical peel. 

This chemical solution improves skin feel by removing fine lines, wrinkles, and color spots. The body chemical peel gives your skin a fresh layer with new cells. This method helps your skin open the closed pores of your skin and removes dead skin cells from the upper layer.

Advantages of Chemical Peel

Advantages of Chemical Peel

There are many benefits of using chemical peels, such as: 

  • The peel removes facial wrinkles, fine lines, and spots from your skin and gives you a fresh look.
  • These chemical peels for acne scars help reduce and open the clogged pores.
  • A peel removes your outer dead skin cells, bringing new cells and producing collagen.
  • The collagen protein production maintains your skin’s elasticity, which helps to give it a fine skin feel.
  • Another benefit of peel is that it reduces the appearance of pores and gives clean skin. 
  • The solution used in the peel helps your skin pores to open and remove excess oil and dust.

How Many Types of Chemical Peels Are There?

How Many Types of Chemical Peels Are There?

Three main types of peels help with our skin types and needs: light, medium, and deep. Each peel uses a unique chemical solution to target various skin problems.

Light chemical Peel 

The light chemical peel is the gentlest in the chemical peel family and has mild effects. The light peel only works on the very surface of your skin, known as the epidermis layer. 

This peel has low maintenance and minimal downtime. It is a great choice for most skin types, especially if you are new to peels.

Medium chemical Peels 

Medium peels go into the epidermis and treat the upper layers of your dermis. They’re like the middle child – a bit stronger than light peel. These treat more prominent lines, acne scars, and uneven skin tone.

Deep Chemical Peels

The strong one of the bunch, deep peels, only mess around with aesthetician guidelines. These go deep into the epidermis and specific parts of your dermis to fix wrinkles,  spots, and deep acne scars. Since they are strong, chemical peel recovery time takes the longest.

After this treatment, you may experience mild redness, swelling, and peeling. Deep chemical peel for black skin is the best option for getting the best results.

How does Chemical Peel work?

How does Chemical Peel work?

The aesthetician will apply the chemical solution to your dry skin during peeling. Depending on the type of peel, this solution may contain ingredients like alpha-hydroxy or beta-hydroxy acids. The solution will cause your skin to peel off gradually.

Your skin may also feel a little tight or sensitive. Your aesthetician may recommend gentle and soothing products to manage these side effects. After the treatment, avoid direct sun exposure until your skin has fully healed.

To maintain the results of your peel, it is important to continue using gentle, high-quality skincare products. After the peeling process, the instructions include using sunscreen, moisturizer, and other products that can help protect and nourish your skin.

Find the Best Chemical Peel With Reviva Medical Aesthetics

Find the Best Chemical Peel With Reviva Medical Aesthetics

If you seek a professional-grade chemical peel near me Reviva Medical Aesthetics in Knightdale, NC, is the place to go. At Reviva, we offer various customized chemical peel options to help you solve your unique skin problems. 

Our licensed Aestheticians are highly trained and passionate about helping you achieve your desired skincare goals. At Reviva Medical Aesthetics, we are committed to providing exceptional care and attention to every client.


A chemical peel near me is an effective way to renew and glow your skin. These solutions  Exfoliate the upper layer of the skin. These chemical solutions can reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. 

The skin’s new growth increases collagen production, which helps create smoother and cleaner skin. You can find the best treatment plan for your skin type at Reviva Medical Aesthetics in Knightdale, NC, with the best care treatment.


What is a chemical peel solution?

A peel solution removes the top layer of skin, revealing smoother, more radiant skin.

What are the available types of peels?

Light, medium, and deep peels vary in depth and intensity.

How long is the recovery period for a chemical peel?

Recovery time ranges from 1-7 days for light peels to 14-21 days for deep peels.

Where can I get a chemical peel near me in Knightdale, NC?

Visit Reviva Medical Aesthetics at 502 McKnight Dr, Suite 100B, Knightdale, NC 27545.

How can I book an appointment at Reviva for my chemical peel?

Call (919)-373-0088 or mail to our team at info@revivamedspas.com. 

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