A signature facial tailored to your unique skin includes a decollete and a face. These facials are on top of a spa day with manicures and pedicures.

The treatment starts with a double cleanse, exfoliation with steam or hot towels, a masque, massage, and customized treatment for the skin, eyes, and lips. 

We use over-the-counter cosmetics like cleansers, scrubs, and sunscreen to maintain our skincare routine. But we must let professional aestheticians take care of our skin if we want it to look younger.

Reviva Medical Aesthetics offers a wide range of facials that are made to renew and refresh all kinds of skin, from young, oily skin to dry, aging skin. Our skin care specialists will focus on you and your individual demands. Choose a facial from the collection of high-end skincare products to bring back your skin’s youthful look.

What is Signature Facial

Signature facials are the cherry on top of a spa day that might also include massages, manicures, and pedicures. A signature facial leaves the face clean and glowing because it targets specific skin problems, such as dull, dry skin, and tightening facial muscles.

Signature Facial Benefits

Regular visits to an aesthetician are the best way to get results that last and keep improving since it’s hard to get the same results at home. Here are some of the important benefits of getting a signature facial:

Intensive Skin Cleaning

Even though getting a signature facial is a great experience, your skin will start to look dull and have clogged pores after a few weeks. A regular treatment schedule is essential if you don’t want your skin to go back to being dull and full of spots, and you’ll love the extra benefits after each session.

Best Anti-Aging Methods

Even though you can’t avoid the effects of aging, you can make them less harmful. With the help of collagen made during the clinical facial process, many procedures can be done to the face to help get rid of fine lines and wrinkles and relax the muscles in your face.

An Elegant and Refreshing Hideaway

Getting a facial from a professional could do great things for your skin. You should feel fresh and beautiful after your facial.

Medical Aesthetic in Knightdale

Expert Opinion for signature facial

Our experts in medical aesthetics know how to extract correctly and use solid products and chemicals to get great results. Let a professional take care of your skin.

What do I need to know about expert skin care?

If you think the high-end medical spas in Knightdale aren’t for you, consider visiting Reviva Medical Aesthetics. Taking care of your skin is more than just a nice thing. This is true, but you can get a lot out of practical, thorough treatment beyond just keeping the surface clean, like what these signature facials offer. Healthy, glowing skin can do a lot for your sense of self-worth.

Every facial we do is tailored to your specific needs and skin type. We also get to the root of your skin problems, so you may finally get the results you’ve been hoping for!

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