People who are interested in making improvements to their looks often choose to undergo laser hair removal. It directs a narrow beam of light at the hair follicles. 

Laser hair removal may be a good option if shaving, plucking, or waxing don’t work well. Come to us for the smooth, touchable skin you’ve always desired. You will only need to take a few straightforward steps to achieve long-term results.

Our laser hair removal treatments are the fastest and most effective way to get rid of body or facial hair for good. The key is found in cutting-edge technology. With Cynosure lasers, hair removal treatments target and kill the hair cells that make hair without hurting the skin around the treated area. The end result is silky, hair-free skin for life.

Reviva Medical Aesthetics can treat all skin types quickly and safely using the most advanced technology.

How To Prepare For Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a specific medical procedure requiring specialized training to carry it out safely. Before beginning the procedure, it is critical to learn as much as possible about the doctor performing the laser hair removal.

Don’t use electrolysis, waxing, or other methods to get rid of hair six weeks before laser hair removal. This is because, unlike waxing or plucking, which only temporarily removes hair, the laser targets the hair follicles, not the skin’s surface.

You must stay out of the sun for 4 weeks before and after treatment. The sun reduces the effectiveness of laser hair removal, and its presence also makes it more likely that there will be complications following the surgery.

What You Can Expect

The region to be treated will be shaved just before the procedure. Before the procedure, a topical anesthetic applies for 30 minutes to reduce discomfort from the laser pulses. When constructing laser equipment, your hair, skin tone, and undesirable hair colour and density will likely be considered.

If a laser or intense light is used, you and the technician must wear safety goggles. For skin protection, use a cold gel or another cooling device. Laser light will penetrate the skin more effectively. 

Our expert in modern medical aesthetics will gently pulse the area while watching it for a few minutes to ensure the settings are right and there are no harmful effects.

After the procedure, you may be offered cold water, ice packs, or anti-inflammatory treatments. The next session is in five to six weeks. Continue treatments until hair growth ceases.

laser hair removal treatments

How Long It Take?

If you wanted to permanently remove your hair with a laser, you might have needed 3 to 6 sessions, plus maintenance treatments, but lasers have come a long way since then. Thanks to medical aesthetics technologies, most people can get rid of their hair for good with just a few sessions of laser hair removal and very little upkeep.

“There is a chance for long-lasting results, and many people only need occasional touch-ups.”

Lasering is the only treatment that comes close to proving the entire claim of laser hair removal permanent, long-lasting hair reduction because it targets the hair follicle instead of the hair shaft.

Recovery And Risks

Over the next day or two, the treated area of the skin will feel and appear sunburned. Moisturizing and using a chilly compress could help. Unless your face is blistering, you can apply makeup the day after your face has been treated. Your treated hair will fall out progressively over the next month. 

People with deeper skin tones are more likely to develop blisters than those with a lighter complexion. Additional unpleasant effects that may occur include redness, edema, and scarring. Long-lasting scarring or color changes to the skin are infrequent.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe at Home?

Laser hair removal at home is safe for lighter skin tones but not darker ones. It does an excellent job of getting rid of hair temporarily, but it rarely gets to the higher energy levels needed for permanent hair removal.Make an appointment for a consultation or call 919-373-0088 to better understand how your situation will improve at our medical aesthetics center in Knightdale.