Achieve younger-looking skin without surgery or pain. TempSure radiofrequency helps tighten skin, minimize signs of aging, and boost your confidence.

Skin loses its firmness and tone because of several things, such as getting older, but not just that. Lines and wrinkles on the face are caused by a drop in collagen production, fat loss, exposure to the elements, and the effects of gravity. 

Getting a facial expression, also called a rhytidectomy, is one of the best ways to hide the signs of aging skin. Although this procedure can turn back the hands of time on your face and neck, it usually comes with a significant amount of pain, recovery time, and out-of-pocket expenses. 

If you want to avoid a surgical facelift, TempSure radiofrequency may be the solution. TempSure is a non-invasive, painless alternative to traditional cosmetic surgery that achieves the same aesthetic results. TempSure can help you look younger and healthier by using radiofrequency energy to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. When done by the skilled staff at Reviva Medical Aesthetics in Knightdale, it can make you feel more confident and attractive without the risks of a facelift.

How TempSure Radiofrequency Works 

TempSure is a radiofrequency treatment that can help reduce the look of wrinkles and fine lines. You’ll use a handheld device to apply the radiofrequency, which will gradually raise the temperature of the deeper layers of your skin for a set amount of time. TempSure heat applies at a specific temperature for a short time to simulate an injury. When you get hurt, your body naturally makes new collagen, strengthening and protecting the area.

Because of the improved firmness and elasticity of the skin, the treated areas look much younger than they really are because the new collagen fibers form a tight, dense network. Most TempSure treatments take about 12 weeks to show results that can be seen.

If you worry about radiofrequency radiation, you can rest assured that TempSure only uses radio waves in carefully monitored settings. When done by a professional expert in medical aesthetics, radiofrequency treatment is safe and effective for all skin tones, with only a few side effects that go away quickly.

TempSure Radiofrequency Benefits

The benefits of TempSure radiofrequency include the following:

Reduced Wrinkles and Fine Lines

TempSure skin tightening reduces wrinkles and fine lines by stimulating collagen production. This helps to fill in wrinkles and give the skin a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Firmer Skin

As TempSure radiofrequency stimulates collagen production, it can help make the skin better and more elastic. This can help reduce the appearance of sagging skin and give the face a more toned and lifted look.

Improved Skin Tone and Texture 

Improve the tone and texture of the skin. It helps to even out discoloration and smooth out rough patches. This can result in a brighter, more even complexion.

Long-Lasting Results

The results of TempSure are long-lasting. You can maintain your desired results with regular treatments for years to come.

TempSure radiofrequency
TempSure radiofrequency

Is TempSure Radiofrequency Right For Me

How much does TempSure radiofrequency come into your plans for treatment? And if that’s how you feel, you’re not alone. Radiofrequency technology is one of the most popular ways to tighten the skin and get rid of wrinkles.

The non-invasive TempSure radiofrequency procedure uses heat to get the skin to make more collagen. When you’re done, your skin will be firmer, smoother, and have fewer wrinkles. It can be used on the neck, face, stomach, arms, and legs, among other places. The best thing about TempSure radiofrequency is that it doesn’t need maintenance or downtime. Now is the time to get back to your regular schedule. 


TempSure may be the best choice for people who don’t want surgery to tighten their skin and get rid of wrinkles. Talk to your doctor right away if you want to know if this new treatment is right for you.If you want to look younger, find out how TempSure radiofrequency can help you reach your cosmetic goals with minimal downtime. So, schedule a consultation with Reviva Medical Aesthetics.