Do you still want to have long, healthy hair that shines? Hair growth can be as monotonous as watching paint dry.

However, you can take steps to promote hair growth. You can’t physically make your hair grow faster, and you can’t buy a miracle product to make it grow faster. You can help it grow by taking a few simple actions.

How Can You Improve Your Hair Growth?

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Hair grows from a follicle, a tiny sac located just beneath the skin. The delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your scalp’s follicles via the blood that flows through your veins aids hair growth. Each strand of hair passes through an oil gland on the skin as it grows. The American Academy of Dermatology says that the oil made by this gland is what makes your hair shine and feel soft.

Here are 5 tips to help your hair grow faster, stay healthy, and reach its full potential as soon as possible.

Avoiding Hot Water

For healthy hair growth, it’s essential to keep the scalp and hair clean, but washing with hot water can damage the hair and cause it to break. Choosing a shampoo that works well with your scalp and hair type is a great way to help your hair thrive. 

After you condition your hair, seal the cuticles with cold water to get the most shine.

Eat Healthy For Hair Growth

Eating well can promote healthy hair growth from within. Did you know that eggs, salmon, and chicken naturally contain biotin, which can be found in hair growth supplements? 

Because protein is a component of hair, getting enough of it at each meal makes sense. Protein-rich foods include lean meats, fish, and dairy, a lack of protein has been linked to hair loss, so include them in your daily diet. 

Finally, healthy fats will provide your hair follicles with everything they need. For a healthy snack, spread avocado on toast, eat nuts, or drizzle olive oil on your salad.

Get Regular Trims

It may seem unusual to get a regular haircut while trying to grow your hair long, but a micro trim, in which the hairstylist only eliminates split ends, can help. Your hair will grow thicker and healthier as a result.

When the ends of a broken strand get stuck together, the whole strand can break. If you ignore split ends and let them worsen, your stylist may have to cut off more than a few centimeters at your next appointment.

Massage Your Scalp

Massaging your scalp has many benefits, like reducing stress and making your hair stronger where it starts. Stress is a big reason people lose their hair, and massaging the scalp is a great way to fix this.

A couple of times a week, give your scalp a light massage before you go to sleep. This help you to sleep well and wake up with healthy hair. As a tip, the best thing to use is some good coconut oil. You can also apply a nourishing hair mask or serum to your hair and scalp while massaging to replace lost nutrients.

Use Essential Oils For Hair Growth

Essential oils have been used to treat hair loss and several scalp problems. They have also been used to help hair grow. This implies that they can slow down and, in some cases, even stop hair loss. Most of the essential oils that have been studied and recommended to improve hair health do so by increasing blood flow and circulation to the scalp. This keeps hair healthy by giving the follicles the necessary nutrients to grow and stay fit.

When applied to the skin, the strength of essential oils can do more harm than good if they aren’t mixed with a milder oil. Mix 8–10 drops of essential oil with 2 tablespoons of carrier oil like jojoba, almond, coconut, or olive oil for the best results.


The most important thing is to eat a healthy diet with enough protein and other essential nutrients. By using the right products and PRP treatments, you can stimulate hair growth. Reducing the number of heat treatments and chemical processes is also beneficial. If you’re worried about hair loss or thinning, talk to an expert about what might be happening. Call us at 919-373-0088 and make an appointment with Reviva Medical Aesthetics in Knightdale.